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RYQ-10A turbocharger rotor dynamic balancing machine
RYQ-10A is a horizontal double-sided dynamic balancing machine with a belt drive and soft support. The equipment model product is a high-speed balancing machine. Suitable for supercharger rotor and micro motor rotor balance.

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 Measuring system

1. Industrial control computer, 19-inch LCD monitor, Windows operating platform

2. Equipped with the company's balance measurement system. The general software functions fully cover all the functions of the domestic mainstream balancing machine software, with text prompts for operating steps; special software includes: all kinds of automatic balancing machine software, software with angle function, software with automatic positioning function, transmission Axis multi-axis joint calibration software, etc.

3. Strong performance of the measurement system: calibration of any workpiece, wide measuring speed range of 80 rpm to start the measurement, measuring speed block, stable imbalance amplitude and phase, high deweighting rate and separation ratio, high sensitivity.

4. The software comes with an allowable imbalance calculator. The operator only needs to input the allowable vibration accuracy level, quality, working speed, and radius of the workpiece and click on the calculation to obtain the allowable remaining imbalance of the workpiece in grams.

5. The software could be modified or added according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameter

Model: RYQ-10A

Mass scope of workpiece (kg): 0.3-10

Biggest diameter workpiece (mm): 350

Two span of supports (mm): 30-450

With a diameter circle in drag (mm): ≤150

Trunnion support (mm): 4-17

Balancing speed( r/min): 400-3000 when the diameter of the dragging place is 50mm

Min. achievable residual unbalance amount: ≤0.5gmm/kg

Unbalance reduction ratio (%): ≥90%

Measure time: 10S (related to measuring speed and setting period)

Motor power: 0.18KW

Mode of speed regulation: Frequency

Drive type: Belt drive

Voltage supply: Single phase AC 220V, 50/60HZ

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