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Gasoline injector cleaning and testing bench
Gasoline injector cleaning and testing bench used for checking and cleaning the auto fuel injector and is preferred for auto’s maintenance, researching, evens the departments of auto’s teaching and training.

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 Gasoline injector cleaning and testing bench


Product description:


♦It can simultaneously detect the operating state of several gasoline injectors


♦Detect the seal, leaking and gasoline charge of the gasoline injectors


♦Gasoline injectors and charging uniformity test in dynamic speed and pulse width regulating process


♦Identify whether the injectors are of the same brand and whether their switching periods are consistent;


♦ Metering, timing and manual testing modes are available


♦Backward flushing, non-dismantle washing (requiring the non-dismantle connector)


♦Oil pump protecter


♦The operating state of the gasoline injectors can be observed through the backlight lamp at the oil inlet


♦Test the operating state of gasoline injectors when it is working at the normal speed, idle speed, medium speed, high speed and varible speed.


♦The injection uniformity of idle speed, intermediate speed and high speed; evenness and injection angle, and state of amortized gasoline when the injector is working at the idle, medium and high speed. 

♦Equip universal test bench circuit controller and the gasoline injector connectors selected for special automobile models make it suitable for the cleaning and detection of gasoline injectors for all the automobiles inside and outside China.
Technical parameter:
Range of turning speed: 7500r/min

Pulse width by counting: 9900  step length  100

PWM: 20.0ms  step length  0.1ms

Timing measurement: 20mins(adjustment)

Pressure of system: 0.6Mpa(adjustment)

Power supply: AC220V±10 50/60Hz

Oil tank capacity: 2000 ml

Ultrasonic cleaning power: 70Wintermittent

Ultrasonic cleaning frequency: 28KHZ±0.5 KHZ

Measuring cylinder capacity: 140ml

Measuring cylinder precision: 2ml

Output scope of the stimulant signals: 0~+5V

Output scope of pulsed signals: +5V +12V 
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