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Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing Machine
Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing Machine is suitable for all kinds of crankshafts balance,detection and adjusting.

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 Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing Machine


 1. Specification
 (1)Rotor weight range: 25-500 kg

 (2) Max. Rotor diameter:   Ф1,500 mm

(3) Distance of pedestals: 140-1,600 mm by belt, 60-1600mm by U-drive.

(4) Bed length: 2800 mm

(5) Diameter of journal: Ф15-Ф240 mmwith two sets of roller bearings

(6) Max. diameter with belt:   1500 mm

(7) Min. achievable residual unbalance: 0.45

(8) Unbalance reduction ratio: ≥90%

(9) Balancing speed scope : 300-2,500 r/min

(10) Speed adjustment: AC step-less

(11) Drive power: AC 7.5KW & 4kW

(12) Way of drive: universal joint and belt driven

(13) Capable to withstand overload

(14) Protective bracket on pedestals

(15) Adjustable pedestals through handle .

(16) Operation noise lower than 80dBA

(17) Industrial PC with measuring software (English version)

(18) Displayed on a 17” CRT monitor

(19) Working ambient:

                Temperature: 0℃-42℃ (suitable for long time storage)

        Humidity: 0-85% (suitable for long time storage)

         (20) Power Supplies: AC 380V±10% , 50HZ, 4wire 3 phase




2. Machine Control Unit

(1) Drive motor operated through a frequency converter

(2) Connected by cables.

(3) Digital micro processor control

(4) Over-voltage protection

(5) Earth protection

(6) Short circuit protection

(7) Transducer overheat protection


3. Unbalance Measuring Instrumentation

(1)  YYW-1 balancing software

(2)  Industrial PC, conform to CE, FCC UL/CSA certificate

(3)  Unbalance presentation with vector form and digits

(4)  Measuring scope: 0 - 10,000 RPM;1:1000000 unbalance

(5)  Self-diagnosis functions

(6)  Balancing data can be memorized unlimited

(7)  Balancing results trace back

(8)  Measuring work can be done under different supporting ways

(9)  Menu display for operator

(10) Measuring time: adjustable from 1 seconds

(11) Supplies: AC 220V,permissible ±10%,50/60HZ

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