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3 ton Flatbed Wrecker Slide Tilt Tray Kits
Flatbed Wrecker Slide Platform tilt tray Kits is installed on the special truck to towing and recovery cars,light duty truck,mini bus.

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3 ton Flatbed Wrecker Slide Platform Kits

Flatbed tow truck & wrecker technical characteristics:
1.Digestion and absorption in the United States and Britain tow truck technology design and manufacturing
2.Key components with finite element stress analysis (CAE)
3.Important parts adopt high quality carbon steel rectangular tubes, no welding deformation
4.Hydraulic system adopt two-stage filtration technology, ensure that the hydraulic system clean
5.Hydraulic line key sealers adopt Germany imported seals
6.Gas through the pipeline protection valve lead to air units to ensure the safety of the vehicle brake system
7.Equipped with ratchet bundling device to rescue them quickly and securely
8.Equipped with three kinds of specifications fork lift, so as to adapt to all kinds of models
9.Folding plate, more suitable for the rescue front bumper ultra-low limousine
10.Voice prompt: "please take off take driving force device", highlights the humanized design
11.Optional automatic tire holding fixture type, trailer more quickly
12.Choose dedicated to rescue the state of the wheel braking roller device (patent technology)

13.Optional side device, and improve rescue ability
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